Saturday, May 14, 2011

You Know When...

You know you just had a high-need baby when....

1. Your laundry piles no longer can be contained or King Kong they invade the city (your home) in mass destruction.

2. You walk around all day with your shirt on inside out AND backwards. You are not aware of this until your hubby on arriving home chuckles lightly and informs you.

3. Speaking of clothing...getting "dressed up" just means ACTUALLY getting dressed.

4. Coffee is no longer is required for basic survival.

5. Clutter piles have become your new favorite way to decorate.

6. You've resorted to cereal as the breakfast of champions.

7. Someone in the grocery store asks you if this is your "first" as you simultaneously bounce fussing, unsoothable baby while unsuccessfully fishing for wallet in spilling diaper bag you mumble and cough "yes."

8. You have not a clue how old your baby is.

9. Grade.4 math stumps you.

10. You fantasize about what it would be like to get sleep in 4 hr increments.

11. You feel pampered when you have time to shave your legs.

12. You thank God for this gift and lesson in humility as you come to the realization that you apparently are NOT the baby "know it all" veteran.

p.s. pix of the little, high-need, well-loved masterpiece coming up soon...that is when I can find my camera amongst the wreckage. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes! what a blessing freshly shaved legs are! I am in this boat/season again as well. Congrats!-K

I'm Erin. said...

We were at Disney (again) not long ago...I looked for you while walking into The Land pavilion. You know, just in case ;)

Of course, I picture you as your avatar. Just calves and heels. But nice ones! ;)

Anonymous said...

too funny!

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