Wednesday, April 13, 2011

9 Month Catch Up in Pictures

What's been happening around here?

Last summer my 15 yr. old wanted to be baptized and asked tradesman to do so.

And thanks to granda, we as a family took a trip to Disney.

Yes, I made the boys go on Cinderellas Carousel...'cause I can get away with it, I'm the mother. Besides, I feed them and with teenage boys that means you hold all the power.

You should also know that Baby My is no longer a baby. See...

Oh ya, and this little guy joined our family.

Well, that about wraps up the last 9 months of excitement.

Glad to be back!

p.s. so sorry about my un-announced very LONG blogging hiatus.


Anonymous said...

I Am So Glad You`re Back!! I have missed you, like an old friend!!
Congrats on the new baby!!! To Christ be the Glory!!!-K

Anonymous said...

You had another baby!!! WOW!! I am so looking forward to hearing more about it. What a blessing!

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