Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~ I am but a Butterfly ~

I came across this short film and loved it. It is worth watching, but you will need 20 minutes for the show. (It also takes a bit to load so I just left it and came back~also turn off music in my sidebar)

*Warning* this movie is considered family friendly but I would preview it first to see what ages you would be comfortable with and whether you are willing to be prepared to answer a couple of awkward questions if they came up. (one scene where a pregnant prostitute is thrown out of a brothel and a man throws a coin at her)

I have to admit this movie made me cry...of course I am a rather big sap so it doesn't take much!

It really got me thinking about myself and tradesman and our family. I started to think about some of the people, speakers, leaders that I look up too. Many of them have stories of great redemption.

So many of us in the body of Christ are misfits. Many of us do not come from a long line of godly family members. There was no rich, spiritual heritage passed on to us.

God FOUND us. Broken, wretched, lonely, needy, we were found. A desire was born, a fire lit, passions grew.

Like many, I feel so unworthy. I have wondered as well "why me?" Why would the incredible, Awesome God of the universe choose me? Why take me out of a childhood of sorrow and restore me?

Why bless tradesman and I in the early years of marriage and pursue us when we turned our backs and lived a selfish life more interested in the things of the world rather than your holiness?

Why bless us with many children and trust us to raise them steeped in your ways, equip them for leadership and train them in godliness? How can we possibly be qualified for such a feat?

Why give me the privilege to speak into other women's lives encouraging and exhorting when I am but a misshapen, dusty, dinged up shell.



That's the beauty of it...Grace. Glorious, freely given, heart healing grace.

I love the line in the movie where Mendez says "The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph!"

So very true. His glory is shown in our triumph, His power is made perfect in our weakness.

Your past does not matter, where you have come from is unimportant. Where you are going is up to you.

No matter where you are today in your spiritual walk, He still desires you. No matter how far you have fallen, you are still His. No matter how much you struggle each day, whether it be your marriage, your children, your own selfishness.. He is still in the business of restoration, of making all things new. He can bring beauty from ashes, turn your tears to joy.

Seek Him, Listen.

You are His child, His beloved child and He wants you just the way you are.

Love and prayers,


Anonymous said...

awesome. Literally.

mamazee said...

so beautiful, sherry...
the thing that is hardest for me is to keep on believing that i am the butterfly when so often i feel like the freak still...
God's grace is so amazing - still requires me to reach out and believe it...

Angelica Bays, TygrLilies.com said...

Beautiful. PH, I love your stuff. It won't be enough for me to tell others about this film clip, I'll have to make sure they read your article as well.
Big hug, sister.

MUMS REA said...

So thankful for what God has done for me through you!

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