Monday, July 20, 2009

~ A Catch-Up Post ~

I have been absent from the blogging world long enough. Summer always creeps up fast and fills the days to overflowing before you know it.

I have loved the relaxing summer evenings cuddling with Tradesman on the couch.

Spring was busy planning a graduation for our eldest son who graduated from gr.8 this year with our homeschool co-op.

Our daughters danced in their year-end ballet recital. Daddy was proud

The boys and I went to our first "Refuel Fest." It was a day of meeting Christian bands, lots of loud music and me discovering that I might be getting too old for all that nonsense!

Who knows who these guys were...they were uh, loud.

Somehow, baby My slept through the last 3 concerts of the evening...I was ready to join her by the end. The boys did have a ball though.

Other than that our life has been full of more laid back activities.

nature walks, berry picking, face-painting
Who can resist this puppy face...mercy!

Taking pictures of baby My
I just love chocolate brown and pink together

Now moving on to this other yummy masterpiece..oh, looking at this just makes me salivate.

There is something else that happened this early summer. Tradesman debuted an inner chef. He made this incredibly delicious breakfast for me one morning. I literally choked on my coffee when he and the girls surprised me in bed. Tradesmen is NOT a cook so poached eggs with hollandaise sauce over sweet potatoe hash is not something I would EVER dream would be served up to this girl without me doing the cooking.

Who knew?! Now mind you, that inner chef left just as quick as he came and hasn't been seen round these parts since but I have the pictures to prove it. Good thing or I might think I had dreamed up the whole thing!

Hope your summer is shaping up to be full of joy- filled memories!



heart at home said...

We are enjoying the more relaxed schedule of the summer too! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful family. Baby is getting to BIG and so cute! (I mean she is always been so cute)

Dawnelle said...

loved seeing all those pictures! and what on earth- hollandaise sauce on eggs? I would have fainted. Your kids are so cute, I can't believe how big the two girls are getting, amazing how fast they change.

Prairie Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Your summer looks absolutely delightful and I must say I think it's awesome you took your boys to a Christian Music Festival. I've always wanted to attend CreationFest, but at this point, agree with your sentiment of feeling a little "old". Still, kudos to you for being an intouch Mama :)

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