Sunday, December 7, 2008

~ A Birthday Photo Shoot ~

It was two of my children's birthdays recently.
I thought it would be neat to start taking pictures of the kids on their birthdays with them holding their age up on a little chalkboard. I am far too unorganized to actually label pictures, place them in albums or scrapbook them into masterpieces like other more normal mothers.
No siree, mine sit in countless shoeboxes until one of my children find them and pull them all out and then for the next 4 months I find them under couches, under beds, in drawers, in toy containers and generally anywhere a child might have been.

I thought this picture was cute and then I noticed he had no pants on. He has a habit of not putting his pants back on after he uses the bathroom. He is like his mother and gets sidetracked easily when he is supposed to be finishing something.
It's amazing I actually have my pants on most days, I said MOST days. Hey, we can't all be perfect!

Getting a normal smile out of him after this became somewhat of a challenge.

Yes, he was totally hamming it up.

I had just said "Be normal buddy" and apparently normal is uncomfortable for him.
Gee, not sure where he gets that from.

Yeah, at last! A cute birthday picture of my little ham, I mean boy.

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Anonymous said...

I think your pantless ham is adorable!!!

Auntie J

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