Saturday, February 2, 2008

~Out of the Mouth of a Babe~

I was sitting with my 6 year old daughter the other day watching a program on television. A commercial for flooring came on showing beautiful rooms decorated with gorgeous furniture and accessories. Both of us were mesmerized and sat watching with rapt attention. (we don't watch television often, obviously)
When the commercial was over she turned to me with a look of innocent indignation.
"Momma, why do they have commercials like that, that just makes people not be happy with what they have already and they just be selfish and want more pretty stuff?"
This was funny because obviously she doesn't "get" the whole point of commercials, and not so funny because apparently she is far wiser than her momma.
Her comment shamed me, because while she was thinking "far above her years" I had been dwelling on far less noble things.
During the commercial I was thinking how much I hated my hallway/foyer area and how badly I wanted to renovate it. How nice new tile and walls would look and how unfair it was that I couldn't afford to do that right now.
Nothing like God using your child to give you a nice dose of reality! I continue to be amazed at the character of my children when I am faced daily with my own selfishness.
I told my daughter how right she was and we had a great little discussion about the whole thing while inwardly chastising myself for my lack of gratefulness.

Its so easy in this day in age where everything is all about ME to lose focus on how very blessed we are. There always seems to be someone who has more. Malls scream at us and taunt us with everything they have to offer. I don't go to a mall very often cause it always leaves me with a spirit of discontentment.
Suddenly my clothes don't seem very nice, I really NEED a new outfit or that pretty decorative object to complete my look in a particular room. The kids clothes seem suddenly shabby where only weeks before I was thrilled with all the stuff I had scored at Value Village for so darn cheap.
Why bother. Skip it, avoid it. Just stay out of those places. Choose to not look at shopping as a hobby or a fun past time. If you really are honest with yourself, it breeds nothing but disappointment.

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